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Recruitment of artificial intelligence filming

and labeling services in 2022


Recruitment period: 2022. 08. 23 (Tue) ~ 2022. 08. 26 (Fri)

Recruitment sector and qualifications
service name
The details
service period
service budget
Image data collection for AI behavior analysis and data labeling for learning
Establishment of abnormal behavior learning and test data for verification of immigration control solutions
2022. 09. 01 ~ 2022. 10. 31 (2 months)
KRW 44,000,000 (excluding VAT)
Businesses below small and medium-sized enterprises
Proposal submission period and method
Submission period
Submission method
2022. 08. 23 (Tue) ~ 2022. 08. 26 (Fri)
Submit by mail or in person after applying by e-mail
  • Address: #712, Building 205, 111, Songpa-daero, Songpa-gu, Seoul
  • e-mail
  • ​Landline: 070-7733-5679
Vendor selection and contract method
Proposal company document evaluation
basic policy
contract subject
contract method
2022. 08. 29 (Mon) 14:00 scheduled
Analysis of business contents and evaluation of company capabilities such as understanding
Eligible candidates as a result of evaluation
​Preparation of contract and issuance of performance contract securities for advance payment
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