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AI-based PC user interaction pattern analysis solution

More industries are introducing core technologies and services that can analyze user and computer interactions to improve personal work performance and productivity, as well as monitoring of employees who work from home under COVID-19 pandemic era.

Nexus, a law firm requested the development of AI-based user interaction analysis solution to replace existing manual workflow management system and utilize AI technology to recommend specific work steps based on analyzation of work patterns of individuals to optimize workflow and efficiency.

User interaction data collection


Interaction data

collection agent

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Time-series data processing

대시보드 시각화.png

Data Culstering

based on tasks

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Time report generation

Technological Challenges

Automation of workflow by automatically accumulate and analyze user’s PC data without user’s command, provides real-time analysis and prediction of work patterns and visualize user’s hourly processes based on interaction data.

User interaction data collecting & processing platform

To increase the utilization of the data collected by the existing Window’s interaction data collection agents, data format integration and format standardization process are required. It is required to develop data collection agents comprise of system information, process information, mouse event information, keystroke information and screen capture data.


Time-series data clustering / workflow analysis-based process recommendation

Extended application of time series clustering algorithm on PC interaction data through wide tests and application of traditional clustering algorithm expansion-based technology such as IDEC(Improved Deep Embedded Clustering), DTC (Deep Temporal Clustering), SOM-VAE, N2D, TSC-CNN and DBSCAN, k-shape, USSL analysis to input error correction, identify possible automatable points


Dashboard & Visualization

Visualization of user productivity + work process recommendation and correction notification


Road Map

Development of interaction collection model

User/task-based data clustering

User/manager dashboard

Time report generation

Key Features

User interaction data collection: Keyboard stroke, mouse coordinates, screen capture


Input error correction recommendation 


Workflow based possible tasks recommendation


User identification based on interaction data


User time report generation


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The Result


input error collection & recommendation accuracy


User identification accuracy


less than

PC performance degradation due to

user data collection & analysis process



User identification accuracy

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​Philo-UB (Employee Monitoring) Curious about the solution?

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