Open Source Hadoop Eco system and robust stability in maintenance.
Big Data Collection & Processing Platform

Philo-B Features

1. Open Source Hadoop Eco system

2. Convenient for Data Server Scale-out

3. Data collection in various formats and protocols

4. Data flow control & Visualization for monitoring


Philo-B Structure


1. Data Collection

Streamed data / Normalized data / Data from factory(OPC-UA) / Data from internet (SNS, RSS)


2. Distributed Data Processing Platform

Opensource Hadoop Eco system


Philo-B Uses

- Smart factory

- PHR / Medical information system

- IoT Data processing

- Other big data processing system



Integration Process

1. Domain Consultation

- Design collection data field by identifying characteristics of the data.

- Design platform based on the amount of the data, Cloud introduction simulation, calculation of required modeule, customization, manpower etc. fees.

2. SW module development & deployment


Development & Installation of SW module based on a platform design.

3. Platform Customization


System configuration and tuning.


SPARK (examples)

Data analysis and visualization using SPARK

1. Realtime data from acceleration sensors 


2. Realtime data from Gyroscope sensors


3. Realtime data from Rotation vector sensors